Andi Eigenmann’s Age

Andi Eigenmann’s Age & Personal Background

ANDI EIGENMANN’S AGE – Here are details on how old is former actress Andi Eigenmann now and her amazing life with her family in Siargao.

Despite having all the tickets in showbiz with her brilliance in acting and the fact that she came from a celebrity family, actress Andi Eigenmann still did not stay in the entertainment field. She followed her heart that wants to live a simple life waking up to the beauty of nature.

Andi Eigenmann's Age

Andi Eigenmann whose a daughter of veteran actress Jaclyn Jose and actor Mark Gil had her years in showbiz but when she welcomed her eldest daughter, Ellie, that was when she realized she wants a different life where she can be with her daughter more.

Furthermore, Andi is an advocate of nature. She loves surfing and she also fell in love with the beauty of Siargao Island. It is where she also met the love of her life, Philmar Alipayo, who is a professional surfer.

Andi Eigenmann‘s age now is 30 years old. She is living a very happy and simple life in Siargao together with Philmar and their children. The former actress’ eldest is Ellie, her daughter with Jake Ejercito, and she and Philmar have two (2) children – Lilo and Koa.

Although she left the showbiz industry, the fans and supporters of Andi is updated about her life as she is one of those celebrities who are active in YouTube. She has her own channel where she usually shares videos of her life with her family in Siargao.

Many people are also happy with how the relationship between Andi and Jake are going. Although they are no longer a couple now, both celebrities are trying their best to became the best parents they can be to Ellie.

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