Alegria Manila – Menu and Other Details Of BGC Restaurant

Alegria Manila

ALEGRIA MANILA – Here are the details of Alegria Manila, a famous fine-dining restaurant that serves Filipino-Latin American dishes. In BGC’s highly-competitive dining scene, this restaurant stands out with its innovative Filipino-Latin American cuisine. Guests can also wine and dine with their 16-course meal of Filipino and Latin American dishes – a series of food that will … Read more

Metronome Restaurant – Here’s Their New Tasting Menu

Metronome Restaurant

Elegant Metronome Restaurant introduces new tasting menu treat carefully by chef and co-owner Miko Calo. METRONOME RESTAURANT – Expect a burst of flavor and elegance from the newly-launched tasting menu of Metronome restaurant. French restaurant Metronome is located in Makati. Their offerings are made up of hearty French fare. chef Miko Calo is Metronome’s head … Read more

HAPAG MNL – Menu, Location, and Other Details

Hapag MNL

HAPAG MNL – Here are some details about Hapag Manila or Hapag MNL, a restaurant that serves Filipino dishes with modern twists. Katipunan’s Hapag MNL is a perfect date night spot. This restaurant serves Filipino dishes using ingredients from local produce and uses traditional ways of cooking like fermentation. Here are some details about this … Read more

Hapag Manila – Where Fine Dining Feels Like Home

Hapag Manila

Here are some details about Hapag Manila if you are planning to dine here. HAPAG MANILA – Private dining restaurant Hapag MNL serves familiar Filipino flavors and here are some details about this fine dining place. Filipino foods often come in kamayans, fiestas, massive pots of stews, whole roasted pigs, and many others. The flavors … Read more