Perseus Greek Mythology — Summary of His Love Story with Andromeda

PERSEUS GREEK MYTHOLOGY – You can check here a summary of the love story of the son of Zeus and Andromeda.

Are you one of the people who love to read Greek Mythology tales? You might be one of the countless lovers of the love stories of Greek Gods and Goddesses as well as humans. Have you read about the story of Perseus in Greek Mythology falling in love with Andromeda?

Perseus and Andromeda Story Summary of Greek Mythology Tale

Summary of Perseus and Andromeda Story of Love in Greek Mythology

PERSEUS AND ANDROMEDA STORY – Here is a summary of the love story of the hero and the daughter of the king and queen of Ethiopia.

Many people love to read Greek Mythology tales. These are fictional stories about Greek gods and goddesses, demigods, nereids, titans, and a lot more. There are stories of war, love, leadership, and wrath.

Greek Mythology
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Aside from the gods and goddess of Mount Olympus who are undeniably the most popular characters of Greek Mythology tales, there are also heroes who made names. Many of them of were sons of a god or goddess with a mortal.

There are also love stories between gods and goddesses as well as gods and goddesses with mortals. Are you familiar with the summary of the love story of Orpheus and Eurydice? How about the story of love of Perseus and Andromeda?

Perseus and Andromeda Story Summary

One of the most popular heroes in Greek Mythology is Perseus. He has several stories of battles won and he also has a story of love with Andromeda, the daughter of King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia of Ethiopia.

Andromeda is a very beautiful young lady. One day, her mother, Queen Cassiopeia, boasted about her beauty to the Nereids, the mytical inhabitants of the sea and daughters of the god of the sea, Poseidon. However, the nereids complained to their father and asked him to punish her. The god of the sea sent a huge creature in Ethiopia to damage its coasts including the queen.

King Cepheus, in desperation, sought the help of Apollo in Delphi over what to do to appease the wrath of Poseidon. However, the only way was to sacrifice their daughter, Andromeda, to the creature sent by the god of the sea. Sadly, the King and Queen offered their daughter and she was chained on a seaside rock.

Before the creature kills Andromeda, Perseus who just came from a victorious battle against Medusa passed by riding a winged horse. He fell in love with Andromeda and fought against the creature which led him to another victorious battle — the highlight of the Perseus and Andromeda story of love.

The hero unchained the beautiful young lady and brought hert back to the king. They got married and lived happily ever after with their seven (7) sons and two (2) daughters.

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