39 People Found Dead Inside Truck Container Outside London

39 People Dead Bodies Were Found Inside A Truck Container Outside London. LONDON — British police have launched a murder investigation after the bodies of 39 people were found in a truck container outside London. Police in southeastern England said 39 people were found dead Wednesday inside a truck container believed to have come from … Read more

9-Year-Old Little Attorney Amaze Raffy Tulfo For His Memory Skill

9-Year-Old Little Attorney Amaze Raffy Tulfo For His Memorization Of Laws A 9-year-old kid called “Little Attorney” came to Raffy Tulfo to show off his skills in memorizing laws in the Philippines and International Law. Raffy Tulfo was amazed by his great memorization. Law is used to preserve freedom and moral agency. It is a … Read more

Touching Photo Of A Man Mourning For The Loss Of His Dog

Here’s The Touching Photo Of A Man Mourning After He Loss His Dog On Fire. Touching photo of a man mourning after some houses were already burned into ashes including his favorite dog inside the cage. He loses his dog due to fire burns down in their Barangay in Cebu. Most of the ideal pets … Read more

Video Of PMA Upperclassmen Beating Underclassmen Elicits Reactions

Here’s a video of PMA Upperclassmen Badly Beating Underclassmen Inside Their Room. Video of Philippine Military Academy upperclassmen badly beating underclassmen inside their room elicits a reaction from netizens. Another case of underclass cadets was beaten up by upper-class fellow cadets due to some reasons. Earlier this year, a case of Philippine Military Academy freshmen … Read more

Citizens Doing This To Oarfish Found In Seacoast Elicits Reactions

Here’s A Video Of Some Citizens Doing This To An Oarfish After They Found It In Seacoast A deep-sea creature called Oarfish has been found floating beside the seacoast. What happens next elicits reactions from netizens on Facebook. Over the past few years, the appearance of oarfish in shallow waters was linked to natural calamities such as earthquakes … Read more