2 Kids Found Dead Inside Car in Pampanga Were Playing Before they got Trapped

Families Grieve Over 2 Kids Found Dead Inside Car in Pampanga

KIDS FOUND DEAD INSIDE CAR – The CCTV footage showed that the childen that were found dead inside a car were playing before they got trapped.

Playing is a kid’s nature. It is their way to entertain themselves, to explore, and to learn new things. It is also the way to socialize with other children. However, there were instances on records that playing led to devastating situations.

Kids Playing

One of these painful incidents was when 2 kids were found dead inside a car in Pampanga. The victims were identified as James, 6 years old, and Bong, 5 years old. The incident happened in Barangay Moras Dela Paz, Santo Tomas, Pampanga.

The Santo Tomas Police have found the Closed Circuit Television Footage or the CCTV footage that showed the events prior to the kids getting trapped inside an abandone vehicle.

2 Kids Found Dead Inside Car in Pampanga
Photo from 24 Oras

Based on a report on 24 Oras, the CCTV footage showed that James and Bong were running around an open parking space. It was around 500 meters from their house.

Based on the CCTV footage, the 2 kids found dead inside a car in Pampanga first entered an abandoned van while they were playing before they got into the vehicle where they were trapped. Santo Tomas Police Chief Police Captain Jester Calis said that the two boys played for around two to three minutes in the said abandoned van before they transferred to another vehicle.

The police authorities reviewed the CCTV footage up to two (2) hours and no one was spotted leaving the area where the incident took place. Based on the report, the car where the 2 kids were found dead may actually be unlocked but the doors were all broken from the inside.

James and Bong entered the vehicle through the driver’s side. However, it is also broken from the inside and can only be opened from the outside. The death certificates and autopsy results of the two children showed that they died from suffocation or loss of air.

According to Calis, the doctor that they have talked to said that suffocation can lead to the death of the person in as fast as 10 minutes. The person may lose consciousness and die due to loss of air.

The police authorities are set to hold further probe on who may be held responsible over the death of the two boys.

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