VIDEO: Tito Mars Gives Tour Of Home Where He Grew Up

Tito Mars Shares House Tour Of Home Where He Grew Up

TITO MARS – Social media personality Tito Mars shared a house tour of the home where he grew up.

In May, Tito Mars stirred up significant controversy with his eating challenge videos, particularly his apparent dislike for sardines and shrimp paste. Lots of netizens criticized him for allegedly showing disrespect towards the budget-friendly meals.

Recently, the vlogger addressed the backlash, explaining that he did not intend to insult the food of the less fortunate, stressing that he views himself as part of that community.

Photo Source: @TitoMars FB

Tito Mars disclosed that he too experienced poverty and had no intention of demeaning the food of those who are less fortunate. He said, “Kasi ho ang pagkakaintindi nila, ay binabastos ko ho ‘yong pagkain ng mga mahihirap. Unang-una ho, hindi ho ako mayaman. Mahirap lang din ho ako. So bakit ko kailangang bastusin ‘yong pagkain ng mga mahihirap?”

The latter stressed that he would be the first to suffer if he disrespected the food of the less fortunate. He kindly cautioned internet users not to view his videos if they find the material he delivers offensive.

Photo Source: @TitoMars FB
Photo Soaurce: @TitoMars FB

Just recently, Tito Mars shared a house tour of his grandparents’ home where he grew up. Despite the sophistication he displays in his content, the vlogger admitted that they were not wealthy.

In a video posted on his Facebook, Tito Mars showed every corner of his grandparents’ simple house. The old furniture and the modest lifestyle he grew up with were evident. During their conversation, his grandmother mentioned that Tito Mars would eat sardines as long as they were cooked.

This house tour provided Tito Mars’ followers with a new perspective on his real life.

Watch the video below:

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