MV Tutor Vessel – Video Of Assault Emerges Online

MV TUTOR VESSEL – The Houthis of Yemen released the video of the incident that happened on June 12 leading to the sinking of the bulk carrier. The vessel took the path in the Red Sea and in the video, it was shown that the ship was struck with missiles and the remote-controlled boat carrying a bomb that exploded a big part of the ship.

MV Tutor – Reported Actual Video Of Ship’s Blow Up

Bulk carrier MV Tutor in video being attacked by Houthis.

Yemen’s Houthis released the video on Thursday that showed the June 12 assault on the Greek-owned MV Tutor coal carrier in the Red Sea.

The bulk carrier MV Tutor was attacked by Yemeni Houthi rebels on June 12. The bulk is sailing across the Red Sea when an unmanned boat carrying a bomb to explode the ship approached Tutor eventually blowing up the ship mid part.

MV Tutor

The Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) announced previously that the shipping principal of the Liberian-flagged bulk carrier would soon launch a search operation for the only Filipino that has been missing since the explosion. The missing seafarer is reported to be Tutor’s 2nd Engineer.

“Search operations for our missing seafarer shall be undertaken as soon as the ship is taken to a safe port,” the DMW said and added that they are hopeful to be connected with the family of the missing seafarer. 21 out of 22 seafarers aboard the ship has already returned to the country this week.

In an update, the Houthi group recently uploaded the video of the sea incident that happened on June 12. Upon the release of the video was the information from them about the sinking of the ship.

As seen in the video was the time when an explosive-laden remote-controlled boat approached the ship and the striking of the missiles.

Watch the video below:

The sinking of the vessel created more complications for the search operations for the missing Filipino. Since November last year, this is the second ship sunk by the Houthis who said that such assault is a sign of their solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza.

The US went ahead in declaring the Filipino seafarer’s death but the DMW remained with their “missing” regarding this matter.

To recall, two Filipinos were earlier killed on the MV True Confidence in March due to the pounce from the said Yemeni group.

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