Luis Manzano Reveals Rosie’s Inherited “Manzano Trait”

This is the “Manzano Trait” that Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola’s daughter have inherited.

What could be this “Manzano Trait”? In an interview, Luis Manzano shares the trait his daughter has inherited that’s from the Manzanos.

Rosie is one of the social media darlings many people are drawn into. She is the firstborn of celebrities Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola. She has this fair skin, the cutest eyes, and the most adorable laugh people can’t help but just be immediately fall in love with her.

They affectionately call her Peanut. In an interview, Luis talked about his daughter whom he loves so much, and shared the Manzano trait he noticed she inherited.

According to him, his daughter has this kind of naughtiness in her which he is sure is from his side of the family. He shared, “Pilya siya, personality wise. Definitely a Manzano.”

He explained that what she would often do playfully is when they become tender or affectionate towards her, she would go near them but would run away once it starts. He added, “It’s a Manzano trait. Yung pagiging sobrang nang-aasar. And I wouldn’t be surprised na when she starts talking na, mapang-asar na tao ito.”

Apart from her naughtiness, Rosie also loves reading. She’s a Mama’s Girl but the bonding they always do together is reading a book before bed. Her favorite book now is Papa Get the Moon For Me and what he does is change the name of the kid to Peanut.

In a previous article, Luis opened up about fatherhood and according to him, it’s overwhelming. It’s been already over a year since they welcomed Rosie and although he has learned a lot already, he believes that there’s still a lot more to learn. It’s still a long way to go.

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