Rosmar Tan Palawan Issue: Vloggers Issue Public Apology

ROSMAR TAN PALAWAN ISSUE – The vlogger-entrepreneur is facing an issue along with Rendon Labador and the members of Team Malakas. Following the viral tension in Coron, Palawan against a female staff who accused them of using the people, the vloggers were put under hot waters because of how they handled the situation. Many were disappointed and this led to the vloggers being declared persona non grata in the entire Palawan.

Rosmar Tan, Rendon Labador Public Apology With Team Malakas

Following Coron mishap, Rosmar Tan and Team Malakas make public apology.

After the heated argument with a female staff, Rosmar Tan and Rendon Labador apologized to the Local Government Unit (LGU) Coron, Palawan.

Tension filled the Coron municipal hall as vloggers Rosmar Tan and Rendon Labador faced a female staff and such an encounter created a heated argument between them.

The issue of Rosmar and Rendon in Coron created a loud buzz online as the Mayor’s staff named Jho Cayabyab Trinidad received raised voices and mad words from the vloggers. Many people online criticized the vloggers for how they managed the situation by resorting to shouting and harshly treating the female staff.

To recall, the female alleged in her now-deleted post that the vloggers are just using the people of Coron for their videos. On the same day, the female staff was seen being recorded expressing her public apology.

However, it looked like the tables have turned. In a new video, Rosmar and Rendon with the Team Malakas released a public apology. In the video, that lasted for four minutes, they apologized for the Coron conflict.

They admitted that they were at fault in the encounter and overdone the things they did as they were carried away by their emotions. Marki said, “Tao lang din po kami, nagkakamali po kami and ina-admit din po namin ang pagkakamali namin.”

Watch the video below:

Tan apologized to Trinidad, to Coron Municipal Mayor Marjo Lopez, and to the locals of Coron. She also regretted posting ‘Never Again Coron’ and expressed that she regretted the thoughts implied by the post as if generalizing the whole place.

In a previous article, Rosmar and Rendon were declared persona non grata in the entire Palawan based on a resolution approved in June 18. This was declared following the issue that transpired in Coron which dismayed and disappointed by a lot of people.

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