Rosmar Tan and Rendon Labador Declared Persona Non Grata In Whole Palawan

Persona non grata declaration for Rosmar Tan and Rendon Labador following the incident in Coron.

The Provincial Council of Palawan declared Rosmar Tan and Rendon Labador persona non grata in the entire province of Palawan.

Previously, influencers Rosmar Tan and Rendon Labador became trending topics online following the incident that happened in Coron, Palawan. The conflict happened after Jho Cayabyab Trinidad, a municipal staff, alleged in a social media post that the two online personalities are just using the people of Coron for their videos.

Rosmar Tan and Rendon Labador

This reached the knowledge of the two and that was when their anger erupted at the municipal staff. It was a heated encounter between the whole team and the municipal staff who faced them all alone.

The issue of Rosmar and Rendon in Coron sparked discussions online. Many believed that both parties were at fault but the bashing leaned more on the social media influencers as how they conducted themselves in the incident was disappointing to many.

They were raising their voice at the female staff and Labador was even seen pointing his finger at the woman while shouting at her. He was also heard in the video saying, “Ikaw yon, ikaw yon? Halika dito. Ano bang ipinagmamalaki mo?”

On June 18, the Provincial Council of Palawan, approved the resolution that declared the social media personalities persona non grata in the entire Palawan. This is following the altercation their team had against a mayor’s office staff.

Persona non grata means that a person is no longer welcome in a particular place. However, they can still go to that particular. They won’t be prevented from visiting and they won’t be arrested.

Apart from Tan and Labador, the other members of Team Malakas who were there during the time of the altercation were also declared persona non grata.

Rosmar is an entrepreneur who created a loud buzz when she claimed that she earns between Php 5 million and Php 13 million every day. Rendon, on the other hand, is a self-proclaimed motivational speaker whose opinions often stir controversy online.

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