Cong TV, Viy Cortez’s Wedding Cake Stands 6 Feet Tall with 8 Tier

YouTube Vlogger Couple Cong TV, Viy Cortez’s Wedding Cake Represents their Great Love

CONG TV, VIY CORTEZ’S WEDDING CAKE – The Honeyglazecakes did the amazing 6 feet tall with 8 tier wedding cake of the YouTube vlogger couple.

Recently, one of the biggest weddings in the Philippines took place — the union of YouTube’s power couple Cong TV and Viy Cortez. Their wedding was held at L’Annunziata Parish in Muntinlupa City.

Cong TV, Viy Cortez

Cong and Viy were together for several years before they decided to officially tie the knot. The couple was already together when Cong was still in his early stages as a vlogger while she was a car sales agent.

Cong used to fetch Viy using his ordinary motorcycle. Now, the couple owns several luxurious vehicles including pricy big bikes. She also learned how to ride a big bike as it became a hobby of her long-time boyfriend.

Cong TV, Viy Cortez, Kidlat, Cheesecake

The power couple of YouTube are among the vloggers with the biggest subscribers in the video-sharing platform. Their earnings as vloggers have visibly greatly changed their lives. Viy was also able to put up her own businesses including the VIYLine Cosmetics.

In July 2022, Viy Cortez gave birth to her first-born with Cong TV. The couple welcomed a handsome baby boy they named Zeus Emmanuel or more popularly called Kidlat. A few months after they welcomed Kidlat, Cong proposed for marriage to Viy.

It was quite a long engagement for Cong and Viy but, recently, the long wait is over. Cong TV and Viy Cortez officially tied the knot at L’Annunziata Parish in Muntinlupa City. The wedding reception was held at the Marriott Hotel.

Cong TV and Viy Cortez’s wedding cake represents their great love for each other. They had a 6 feet with 8 tier wedding cake make by Honeyglazecakes.

Cong TV, Viy Cortez Wedding Cake
Screengrabbed from Instagram/@thecongtv

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