Ellen Adarna Son Elias Is Going To Have A Sibling?

ELLEN ADARNA SON – Is the actress already pregnant with her second child, the first with her husband Derek Ramsay? Is Elias finally going to become a big brother? Speculations about the actress being pregnant circulated online because of a post from her husband but until now, she is mum about this.

Ellen Adarna Pregnant? Netizens Speculate

Is Ellen Adarna pregnant again?

Derek Ramsay shared a post that sparked speculation about the pregnancy of Ellen Adarna and a showbiz website has this claim.

Celebrities Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna have been married for several years. The actress has a child with her previous partner John Lloyd Cruz named Elias but remained childless with her husband now.

In June 2023, it has been reported that Adarna quit vaping as part of her preparation for her pregnancy. She put an end to the habit that has been with her for 17 years. At the time of this announcement, netizens speculated that she was already pregnant but she was quick to clarify that she was just preparing for her pregnancy.

Adarna previously admitted that she’s planning to have a baby with Ramsay this year. She expressed then that a baby girl would be a great addition to their family but if it’s still going to be a boy, she is fine with it.

In December 2023, Ramsay revealed that Adarna suffered from a miscarriage. They were in Spain when they found out about it but eventually lost it. On the brighter side, it was an indication that neither of them are “baog”.

Recently, pregnancy speculation sparked again because of Derek’s post. In a report from PEP, their sources claimed that Adarna is pregnant. During Elias’ moving up event, the actress was seen clad in an all-black outfit and in a photo, she was holding something that covered a big part of her stomach.

Meanwhile, ever since Ellen became a mother, she stepped away from the limelight and dedicated her time fully to her son Elias. She has mentioned it before that her focus is really her son and that the formative years of a child is the most important and she wanted to be present during this time in the life of her son.

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