Ice Seguerra Hearing Problem — Singer Admits Getting Paranoid over health condition now

ICE SEGUERRA HEARING PROBLEM – The singer-songwriter admitted that he gets paranoid due to the effect of his recent asthma attack to his hearing.

The hearing is an important sense to singers. That is why Ice Seguerra is having a hard time now due to his hearing problem which makes it hard for him to perform. His concert was even moved.

Ice Seguerra Admits Getting “Praning” over Hearing Problem w/c Affects Singing

Singer Ice Seguerra Speaks on Hearing Problem

ICE SEGUERRA – The singer admitted that he is getting paranoid over his hearing problem which affects his singing.

In the Philippine music industry, one of the most popular singers is Ice Seguerra or formerly known as Aiza Seguerra. He is also an actor, a songwriter, and a guitarist. In 2016, he has also chaired the National Youth Commission following the appoint of the then-President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to the post.

Ice Seguerra
Photo Credit: Philippine Star

Ice is undeniably most popular as a singer. Among his most popular songs include Pagdating ng Panahon and Pakisabi Na Lang. He has held several concerts and has countless fans not only across the nation but as well as abroad.

In fact, Ice now has an upcoming concert entitled “Ice Seguerra’s Videoke Hits: The Repeat” which was initially set on June 1, 2024. However, Ice Seguerra’s concert was rescheduled to June 28, 2024 because of health concern.

Ice Seguerra
Photo Credit” Billboard Philippines

Ice experienced an asthma attack. In the pursuit of focusing on his recovery, the concert was rescheduled. Meanwhile, the tickets remain valid for those who can still watch the concern on June 28. For those who will not be available, they can have a refund.

Ice Seguerra
Photo Credit: Platinumlist

Recently, Ice gave an update on his health condition two (2) weeks away from the “Ice Seguerra’s Videoke Hits: The Repeat” concert. According to the singer, he had to undergo treatment for the ear tissue. It has affected his hearing most especially when he is on stage.

Based on an article on PUSH, Ice Seguerra admitted that he gets “praning” or paranoid over his hearing problem. The singer stressed that he does not know when his hearing will be back to normal as he has singing engagements.

“Hindi ko gaanong naririnig yung notes ko. So hindi ko alam kung tinatamaan ko ba yung tamang notes,” he said.

Ice Seguerra recalled that when he was singing before the interview, he can’t almost hear his voice and his guitar so he is not sure if he hit the notes. Based on the article, his right ear is okay but when he covers it, his hearing is only at 10% which he considers as “too muted”.

Currently, the singer is on medication. He has both oral and drop medicines for his hearing problem. He believes that he really needs a rest just like what the voice needs in case it has a problem.

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