Danica Sotto Reflects On Relationship W/ Husband Marc Pingris

Danica Sotto Shares Sentiments About Relationship W/ Marc Pingris

DANICA SOTTO – Celebrity mom Danica Sotto expressed her feelings about her relationship with husband Marc Pingris

Danica Sotto and basketball star Marc Pingris tied the knot on March 3, 2007, and share three children. Last March, rumors began circulating that Marc was linked to actress Kim Rodriguez. Netizens speculated that they were together in Australia due to similar photos they posted on social media.

Marc issued a statement refuting these rumors, emphasizing that there was nothing between him and Kim and that they had only met twice. Previously, Danica’s friend had shared the celebrity’s reaction to this alleged infidelity.

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In an interview on the “Updated with Nelson Canlas” podcast, as reported by GMA Entertainment, Danica Sotto explained that people misunderstood what happened.

She clarified that during the peak of the controversy, she posted about betrayal and loyalty on her Instagram Story. People assumed this was directed at Marc. However, Danica emphasized that her post was actually about someone they trusted in their business who had betrayed them.

She mentioned that news outlets picked up her post and linked it to Marc’s issue at the time. Danica chose not to respond to these reports because she and Marc had already discussed the matter.

Danica Sotto, Marc Pingris
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Danica Sotto recently posted a touching photo on her Instagram Stories. The beautiful image shows Danica and her husband, Marc Pingris, sitting together in a car, looking happy and content.

Danica added a heartfelt caption about their relationship, emphasizing their deep connection and faith. She wrote, “Walking through life together and trusting God’s perfect plan.”

Her post serves as an inspiration, not only to her followers but also to other couples.

Photo Source: @danicaspingris IG

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