Vice Ganda Asks: ‘Does It Make You A Bad Person If You Fall Out of Love from your Partner?’

Showtime Host Vice Ganda Ponder on Questions After Hearing Guests Breakup Story

VICE GANDA – After hearing the love story and breakup of the “EXpecially For You” guests, the Showtime host reflected on falling out of love in a relationship.

Every day, countless people watch the daily episode of EXpecially For You, a segment of the ABS-CBN noontime variety show It’s Showtime. The show is currently airing on GMA-7 and one of the biggest merging of the two (2) former rival networks. It ended the so-called network war.

Showtime Expecially For You

Showtime has aired several segments since its pilot episode in 2014. Undeniably, EXpecially For You is one of the madlang pipol’s favorite. In the said segment, the guests are usually ex-lovers and one of them will be the searcher. He/She will choose a date among the three (3) searchees of the episode.

Recently, ex-lovers Iking and Ruffa were the guests in EXpecially For You. One of the biggest factors in their breakup was losing time for each other. They got busy in other things and he just woke up one day that he does not love her anymore.

Expecially For You Ruffa and Iking
Youtube/GMA Network

According to Ruffa, she tried to fight for their relationship. She even refused to end their relationship when he was asking her for a breakup. The said situation led Showtime host Vice Ganda to ponder into a question.

Vice Ganda

Vice raised the question if it makes someone a bad person if he/she fell out of love from his/her partner and wants to break up with that person.

“Ang tanong ko, kung nawalan ka ng pagmamahal sa partner mo at gusto mong makipaghiwalay at sinabi mo sa kaniya, sinabi mong maghiwalay na kayo, does it make you a bad person?,” the Unkabogable Star said.

The studio audience reacted to the question of Vice Ganda. One of them answered that it does not make someone a bad person as no matter how good a person is, if it happens, you would want to break up rather than keep on hurting each other.

What is your take on the question of Vice Ganda? Does it make someone a bad person if he/she fell out of love from his/her partner and wants to breakup with that person?

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