FAMAS Social Media Manager Drops Revelations on Eva Darren Issue

FAMAS Social Media Manager Posts Claims on Fiasco Involving Veteran Actress Eva Darren

FAMAS social media manager Johnrey Rivas dropped revelations on the viral issue involving veteran actress Eva Darren.

The FAMAS issue involving veteran actress Eva Darren has hooked countless reactions from many people. The veteran actress was invited to be a presenter at the prestigious film award event but the night ended without the veteran actress being called to be onstage.

Eva Darren

Veteran actress Eva Darren attended the event with three (3) of her grandchildren. They paid Php 5,000 per plate at the dinner at the event. The doctor son of the veteran actress narrated the incident in a social media post that went viral online.

According to the son of the veteran actress, his mother does not usually attend social gatherings but she made exception for FAMAS. She was also awarded as FAMAS Best Supporting Actress several decades ago.


The film award-giving body apologized to Eva. It reasoned out that it was not able to locate the veteran actress at the venue so it immediately looked for someone to replace her as presenter at the event. She was replaced by a young singer.

Several celebrities reacted to the issue. Veteran actress Divina Valencia who was a FAMAS awardee at the event was disappointed by what happened. She found the reason of the film award giving body unacceptable saying she and Eva Darren were seated in a table that is located almost in front of the stage.

The family of Eva Darren accepted the apology of FAMAS. Recently, the social media manager at the event dropped revelations through a Facebook post that went viral.

According to Johnrey Rivas, the FAMAS social media manager who was also a backstage host at the event, claimed that it was Renz Spangler who acted as a liaison between Eva Darren and the film award-giving body. The social media manager claimed that Renz did not confirm the final attendance status of the veteran actress that is why she was not part of the final program.

The social media manager claimed that Renz as well as his secretary or representative at the meetings they held did not inform them that Eva was sent a script or confirmed that she will attend the event to be a presenter.

The FAMAS social media manager also expressed that there were several situations before it led to finding a replacement for Eva Darren. Based on the viral post, they initially asked actress Glaiza de Castro but she was not available. They also asked Nova Villa but she has an eyesight concern so they had to look for another person.

FAMAS social media manager
Facebook/Johnrey Rivas

Johnrey claimed that it is not true that the production staff looked for Eva Darren at the event. He stressed that the veteran actress was no longer part of the program and the script two (2) years prior to the event. The social media manager resigned from her position.

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