Veteran Actress Divina Valencia Claims FAMAS Interrupts Awardees during Speeches

Veteran Actress Divina Valencia Disappointed with FAMAS

Veteran actress Divina Valencia lodged a new claim against FAMAS which allegedly stops awardees while they were giving their acceptance speech.

Amid the glitters and glamours about the 72nd FAMAS Awards 2024 held at The Manila Hotel last Sunday, the social media platforms were taken by storm by the issue involving Ms. Eva Darren who was invited to be a presenter at FAMAS.

Eva Darren

In a social media post, the son of Ms. Eva Darren narrated how the veteran actress has prepared for the social event. She even paid Php 20,000 as she brought along three (3) of her grandchildren to witness her upstage as a presenter of the oldest film award-giving body in the Philippine entertainment industry.

However, the night ended with the veteran actress not being called to be a presenter on stage. She and her grandchildren were surprised as it was a young singer who was with Mr. Tirso Cruz III when they presented the awards.

Divina Valencia, Marissa delgado, Eva Darren
Facebook/Fernando de la Pena

According to FAMAS, they were not able to find Ms. Eva Darren so they immediately looked for her replacement. The reason of FAMAS is unacceptable for veteran actress Divina Valencia who was seated beside Ms. Eva Darren.

According to the veteran actress, they were seated in Table 10 which is located almost in front of the stage. In another social media post, the actress raised a question if FAMAS still has the credibility after what happened. She also claimed that there were lots of people at the event who are not in the entertainment industry.

Veteran Actress Divina Valencia
Facebook/Divine Valencia

Recently, veteran actress Divina Valencia dropped another accusation against FAMAS. Based on an article on Pep, the veteran actress who was at the event to receive her Iconic Movie Actress of Philippine Cinema award claimed that the staff of the film award-giving body interrupts the awardees during their speeches so she had to warn them in her case.

“Nagsasalita pa si Tina Loy, hinila na nila at mahaba na daw. Nagsasalita si Mr. Romero Rivera, hinila nila. Nababastusan ako kaya ako ay nagbabala,” the veteran actress said.

According to Divina Valencia, she called one of the staff of FAMAS to inform her that she has prepared a speech. She warned them that she will make a scene if they will stop her.

“May babasahin, ako. Ngayon, sabihin mo sa mga kasamahan mo at sa director, huwag akong i-stop, ha? Magwawala ako sa stage… Narinig ni Marissa Delgado ang sinasabi ko. Tawa siya nang tawa,” the actress said.

Based on the article, veteran actress Divina Valencia said that she was only able to give a short speech since when she was about to speak on stage, she could not find the speech that she prepared in her phone.

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