Dominique Cojuangco and Her Husband Welcome Their First Child

Meet Penelope Eloise, the first baby of Dominique Cojuangco and Michael Hearn.

It’s already been a week of bliss for Dominique Cojuangco and Michael Hearn as they finally got to see their first baby.

Dominique Cojuangco is now a mom!

In a social media post, specifically on Instagram, Cojuangco shared the good news as she uploaded a photo of her baby’s hand. The baby was wearing her onesies and on the background is her name Penelope Eloise.

These two names were easily recognized by some people online, especially the Bridgerton fans. The ton knows the kind friendship of Penelope and Eloise and no one imagined that their names combined would be this beautiful. This also made netizens assume that the mother is also a Bridgerton fan.

“It’s been a week of bliss,” Cojuangco said in the caption. As it appears, it’s already a week since they welcomed Penelope Eloise.

She added, “Five two-hour lipid IV drips and two-hundred and forty-two Heparin injections, but I’ve enjoyed every minute of my pregnancy. Michael and I are delighted to welcome our little wiggler from inside my womb. Thank you, Lord.”

She is Gretchen Barretto and Tony Boy Cojuangco’s only child. Dom and Michael’s wedding was in March 2023 after getting engaged in 2021 and several months after, they announced their pregnancy with their little one arriving in 2024.

Their wedding reception was held at the National Museum of Natural History in Manila. They were looking forward for a future together as a married couple where they get to become closer to God, build a home, have children and nurture them, and celebrate life with family and friends.

The married couple met each other while they were studying at British School Manila and it was in 2018 when they finally saw each other in a different light.

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