Maricar Reyes Rushed To Hospital Twice, Actress Shares Experience

Maricar Reyes Speaks on Experience with Contact Lenses

Maricar Reyes revealed that she was rushed to the hospital twice due to an excruciating eye pain that she experienced.

Nowadays, individuals who have eye conditions and must wear eyeglasses have two (2) options — to wear an eyeglasses or a contact lens. Undeniably, many people prefer the latter most especially those who usually attend events. However, it is no secret to the public that that there are limitations in wearing contact lenses.

Eye doctors advise their patients not to wear a contact lens for more than eight (8) hours. It might have negative impacts to the eyes. Also, contact lenses come with expiration dates and it can be harmful to wear expired contact lenses.

Maricar Reyes Contact Lens
Screengrabbed from TikTok/Maricar Reyes Contact Lens

Recently, actress Maricar Reyes and wife of Richard Poon shared her experience after wearing expired contact lenses for 12 hours. The actress was rushed to the hospital twice and went through excruciating eye pains.

In a TikTok video, Maricar Reyes shared that for three (3) days, she was almost blind. The actress was wearing colored contact lenses since 2010. She admitted that she would use contact lenses for 12 to 15 hours and she would even use expired lenses sometimes.

“Okay lang, walang issue. But a few months ago, after wearing my colored contact lenses for about 12 hours, nakaramdam ako ng konting pain sa mata,” the actress said.

Maricar further narrated in the video thought that it was normal so she just removed her contact lenses before going to sleep. However, at 3:00 in the morning, she woke up to “the most excruciating eye pain” she experienced in her entire life.

Maricar Reyes Eyes
Screengrabbed from TikTok/Maricar Reyes Contact Lens

According to the actress, she was rushed to the hospital at 5:00 a.m. She was given medications and was sent home at 7:00 a.m. However, at 11:00 a.m., she felt the intense pain again and she was rushed back to the Emergency Room.

“They had to increase my pain medication. So for the next 3 days, halos hindi ko madilat ‘yung mga mata ko sa sobrang sakit at maga,” Maricar said.

Based on the video, Maricar Reyes had to to take a lot of medicines including pain relievers every six (6) hours for three (3) days. However, those were not able to relieve her from pain. She was diagnosed with corneal abrasions.

“Maximum 8 hours lang dapat sinusuot ang contact lens at hindi ko namalayan expired na pala ‘yung gamit ko,” the actress said.

The actress admitted that she was irresponsible in using her contact lens. She shared that the doctor told her that wearing contact lenses can reduce the flow of oxygen towards the cornea as not all lenses fit all eyes. She also expressed that insufficient oxygen in the cornea may cause a problem in the long run.

Maricar was able to recover after a week. She was told by her optalmologist that she is lucky as she might have white patches in her vision but it didn’t happen.

Maricar Reyes
Screengrabbed from TikTok/Maricar Reyes Contact Lens

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