Benedict Cua Baby – Vlogger Introduces His Son Aleck

BENEDICT CUA BABY – The famous content creator gives a life update which included his life now as a father to a baby boy. He posted the update on his YouTube channel and Instagram account, both of which proudly introduced his son. He also introduced himself again to the followers and shared some insights on what he would want to do with his channel.

Benedict Cua Shares Fatherhood, Introduces Baby

In a video, Benedict Cua shares his story.

Vlogger Benedict Cua introduces his son to his followers and these are the various reactions from his post.

One of the most popular content creators with a massive following in the country is Benedict Cua. Apart from this career, he also tried acting, being a podcaster, and tried exploring his talent in singing.

Recently, in his new vlog and post, he introduced himself again to his followers as he is turning his channel more personal containing about his life. Upon re-introducing himself, he also introduced his baby and himself as a father.

The vlogger shared in his new video the new milestone in his life. He first addressed why  he’s been absent online and the reason behind it.

“I’m just very focused on accomplishing all my tasks and being a hands-on father to my child,” he said adding his excitement after mentioning about being someone who is now a father.

Showing his son named Aleck, he expressed that he had just had the best two months of his life. He waited for this moment for many years and through his channel, he’s able to “immortalize every moment” with his baby.

He shared how he is as a doting dad from keeping the dried umbilical cord to the first nail clippings.

“Before he was even born, I already felt an insane amount of love towards him. I loved him even more from the moment he took his very first breath in the world,” he said.

Through his video, he expressed a message for his son saying that he will be actively present all the way and not only to provide for his physical needs but also nurture his emotional well-being.

On Instagram, he shared more pictures of Aleck which also shared a glimpse of his day-to-day as a dad.

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