Ivana Alawi Pranks The Capinpin Brothers

This is what happened when Ivana Alawi pulled off a prank to these vloggers.

Actress-vlogger Ivana Alawi pulls a prank on vloggers Capinpin Brothers and this is how it went and the different reactions of netizens.

Brothers and content creators Gavin, Allen, and Kelzy Capinpin, also known as the Capinpin Brothers are among the most famous personalities online. Last January, they gave their mother not just one, not just two, but three new houses. as a birthday and Christmas present.

The bungalows are built in a 3,500-square meter property equipped with a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a home theater, and a glass house. Their parents wanted this way so they would still be close to each other even though they’ll live separately.

The Capinpin Brothers are known for their prank videos. Being known for their pranks, another vlogger tried her luck to pull off one to them. In the new video of Ivana Alawi, she established a prank with her own siblings. It was not at first a part of the plan but for the sake of experience such as pranking the pranksters, they did it anyway.

In a “Minute To Win It” type of content, they established the tension with Hash mainly doing the flinches and getting annoyed. According to them, it would be an obvious prank if Ivana does it, hence, the change in strategy.

Tension was built up from the moment they were until the late game when Ivana and her siblings started to lose. Just like all the other prank videos, it was awkward and the acting was on point until the moment of the revelation.

Meanwhile, in a previous article, apart from earning a hefty amount in vlogging, Ivana earned millions from online selling as well. She earned over Php 10 million from her live selling in a social media platform. This happened after six hours of selling.

“Iba yung business, iba yung pag-aartista. ‘Pag nag-artista parang mag-iisip ka na ‘ay kailangan ko ng back up. So having a business is really important,” she said.

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