Nash Aguas and Mika Dela Cruz Heartfelt Wedding Vows

Here are the heartfelt wedding vows of Nash Aguas and Mika Dela Cruz for each other.

Celebrity couple Nash Aguas and Mika Dela Cruz have tied the knot and these are their heartfelt wedding vows.

From childhood sweethearts to husband and wife. There’s really nothing more heartwarming in knowing that in this time and age, there’s still the kind of love that lasts and transcends through time. There are things now that exist such as “situationship”, “ka-talking stage”, and more but for celebrities Nash Aguas and Mika Dela Cruz, there’s no such things as these.

Right from the start, they knew what they felt. For a time, they have walked different paths but the universe has its own way of redirecting them and bring them to their true north – each other’s.

The official wedding video of Nash and Mika has been released already and recently, their full wedding vows followed. They have nothing but words of love and admiration for each other and for their relationship.

A part of Nash’ vow said:

“To you my love, I will not promise all the things of the world for we will leave it here. I will not promise riches for they will fade but I promise you this — I will promise you joy even through suffering. I will promise you peace in all circumstances and I promise to always point you back to Him whenever it seems so hard. And, I promise to love you even you don’t anymore because that’s how He loves me and I love you.” 

He has shared in his vlog the time when they separated without elaborating on the details. He just went through this time praying to God that if they are not meant for each other, let her break the words to him because he doesn’t have the strength to be separated from her. Three days after, she asked for them to break up to which is now a memory they can laugh at.

As for Mika’s part, a portion of her vow goes this way:

“Mahal na kita noong binubuhat mo ang bag ko sa kahabaan ng Great Wall of China at sa kahabaan ng Asian cruise ng ‘Bulilit’ kahit napakabigat ng dala ko pati nung binilhan mo ako ng green mermaid ballpen sa Singapore. … Love, salamat sa lahat at sa hinaba-haba. Ikaw ang unang crush ko at ang huling mahal ko. I love you love so, so, so much. This is the start of our life together, our forever and I’m so blessed to be your Mrs. Victoriano.”

Watch below:

Nash and Mika just proved that in this modern time, wedding is not just a piece of paper but the center of a committed relationship. They showed us that of all the people settling for “common-law” arrangements or “live-in” partnerships, they shifted back to the real essence and traditional institution of marriage.

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