Security Guard on Duty Takes Quick Break to Support Daughter on Stage During Recognition Day

Security Guard Touches Many Hearts as He Supports Daughter on Stage During Recognition Day

A security guard touches many hearts online as he supports his daughter on stage during her recognition day.

The Facebook page shared a heartwarming photo of a Grade 11 student named Lorefil P. Amancio and her proud father, Eduardo Amancio. The post went viral online and captured the hearts of the netizens.

On May 16, 2024, the 17-year student completed Grade 11 with honors and also received accolades for Best in Musical Arts, Best in English, Best in Writing, Best in Literary Arts, Best in Visual Arts, and Dakilang Manunulat.

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As she was to receive her awards on the stage of the Lapu-Lapu City Auditorium, Lorefil looked for a family member and her father did not disappoint her. Eduardo, who works as a security guard took a quick break from his post and rushed to join Lori on stage.

The security personnel gained cheers from the crowd as he raised his right hand to greet the audience.

For 24 years, Lorefil revealed, her father has been devoted to his work as a security guard. While earning a living, Eduardo also shows love and commitment to his wife Lorefil Presbitero-Amancio, and his five daughters, the youngest of whom is named Lori in honor of her mother.

The Amancio family moved to Cebu more than a year ago when her parents lost their jobs in Manila. They now live in Sitio Kagudoy, Brgy. Basak, Lapu-Lapu City, where Eduardo found work as a security guard at the Lapu-Lapu City Auditorium.

The Grade 11 student described her father as a man of few words, preferring to express his emotions through actions. “Akong papa kay mura gani di sya ka express through words na ni support sya nako. Through actions jud na siya,” she said.

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The social media users lauded the security guard for his loving gesture:

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