Content Creator Clarifies Attendance at SB19 Concert “Hindi ako naospital”

Content Creator After Attending SB19 Concert: ““akala ko pa naman ang estetik nung shot ko, mukang pasyente pala,”

A Pinoy content creator clarified his attendance at SB19 Concert to address confusion, saying, “hindi ako naospital”.

A concert wristband is a type of wearable ticket or pass used for entry and access control at concerts and other events. They are typically made from various materials such as plastic, fabric, silicone, paper, and vinyl.

Wristbands help event organizers easily identify attendees who have paid for entry. Different colors or designs can be used to denote different levels of access, including general admission, VIP, and backstage.

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Unlike traditional paper tickets, wristbands are worn throughout the event, reducing the risk of loss and making it easy for staff to manage entry and re-entry.

Recently, Marvin Fojas recently took to Facebook to address confusion and concern from netizens regarding his health. Marvin shared a photo of his wristbands from the SB19 concert, leading some to mistakenly believe he had been hospitalized.

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His post immediately spread like a wildfire on social media and elicited various reactions from the online community.

In his post, Marvin humorously clarified the situation, revealing that he just attended an SB19 concert, he didn’t get hospitalized. “luh umattend lang ako ng concert ng SB19, hindi ako naospital,” he wrote.

Fojas expressed surprise at the misunderstanding, explaining that his wristbands were from the concert and not from a hospital stay.

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“akala ko pa naman ang estetik nung shot ko, mukang pasyente pala,” he commented.

Marvin’s post shows how easily images can be misinterpreted. His clarification reassured his followers and brought attention to the fun experience he had at the SB19 concert.

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