Francine Diaz Mom Statement On Issue w/ Orange and Lemons

Here’s what the mom of Francine Diaz said about the recent controversy

The mom of Kapamilya actress Francine Diaz had this statement on the issue with band Orange and Lemons.

Francine and O&L were both guests at an event in Occidental Mindoro. An awkward moment happened on stage when Francine went up after the host called her name while the band was about to start their set.

Videos that circulated on social media showed that band vocalist Clem Castro spoke his mind on what happened. He stressed the value of “respect” for artists.

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Following that issue, Francine Diaz shared a post about “respect.” She said that respect goes both ways. Netizens have different reactions to this issue.

The actress received bashing for allegedly taking the time that was supposed to be for Orange and Lemons while her fans defended her that it was not her fault as the host called her to perform already.

A video showing what happened backstage before the performance of the band and the actress also circulated on social media.

In line with this issue, Francine’s mom had a statement. Based on the Facebook post of Pasada Balita OksiMin, Merdick Saenz Diaz said that the red-haired person from the band’s camp was the one who disrespected them.

The mother of the actress also criticized the organizer of the event as she pointed out that her daughter was supposed to perform on April 30 but they wanted her to perform at 2 am on May 1.

Merdick also said that people who do not know the whole situation at that time should refrain from commenting on the issue. She also said that her daughter was invited to the event to perform and not to receive disrespect.

Francine Diaz’s mom also thanked those people who chose to understand the situation and those who did not understand should ask the red-haired person.

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šŸ“·: Pasada Balita OksiMin

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