Criminology Student Holds Up Convenience Store, Engages in Shootout w/ Cops

Criminology Student Faces Charges After Robbing a Convenience Store

HOLDUP INCIDENT – A criminology student holds up a convenience store in Lucena City and engaged in a shootout with police officers.

A holdup robbery, often simply referred to as a “holdup,” is a criminal act in which a person or group uses force, intimidation, or the threat of violence to steal money, valuables, or other assets from individuals, businesses, or institutions.

During a holdup robbery, the perpetrators typically demand money or goods from their victims, often using weapons such as guns, knives, or other dangerous instruments to intimidate and control them.

Criminology Student

The aim is to take control of the situation and coerce the victims into surrendering their belongings.

Holdup robberies can occur in various locations, including banks, convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants, and even on the streets. They pose a serious threat to public safety and can have lasting psychological effects on the victims.

Precautionary measures such as security cameras, alarm systems, and increased police presence are commonly employed to deter and apprehend perpetrators of holdup robberies.

Recently, a criminology student in Lucena City is facing charges after robbing a convenience store and engaging in a shootout with the police.

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According to the investigation, the suspect entered the convenience store pretending to be a customer. Suddenly, he brandished a homemade gun and forced the employees to hand over approximately P34,398.

The suspect fled on his motorcycle, but the convenience store employees immediately reported the incident to the police. The suspect engaged in a shootout with the police officers until he was hit in the leg by a bullet. He was promptly taken to the hospital.

The stolen money and the homemade gun were recovered from the suspect. He will be facing charges of robbery, direct assault, and illegal possession of firearms.

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