Claudine Barretto Speaks About “Issue” With Angelu & Jolina

Claudine Barretto has this message for Angelu de Leon and Jolina Magdangal

Optimum Star Claudine Barretto clarified that she is not angry with actress-politician Angelu de Leon and Magandang Buhay host Jolina Magdangal.

Showbiz fans recalled the past “issue” between Claudine and Angelu because of what the former said during the wedding anniversary celebration of celebrity couple Gladys Reyes and Christopher Roxas.

Claudine stressed that Angelu is not part of the movie project that she is planning to do with Gladys and Judy Ann Santos. Following that incident, the past issue between Claudine and Jolina was also recalled.

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In an interview on Ogie Diaz Inspires, Angelu de Leon spoke about Claudine Barretto. The actress-politician said that it was a good thing that she was no longer at Glady’s party when Claudine said that about her.

However, Angelu stressed that if ever there is an issue between her and Claudine, she hopes that everything will be okay soon.

In a recent episode of Ogie’s Showbiz Update vlog, he shared that Claudine reacted to the interview he did with Angelu. The Optimum Star said that she regretted what she did or said during Glady’s party.

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Claudine saw Angelu’s interview but she said that she was just being honest since she and her friends were the ones who would produce the movie. When Star Cinema or ABS-CBN would produce it, Claudine said that she is willing to work with whoever her co-star is but since she is one of the producers for this, then, she has the choice of who will be included in the film.

The Optimum Star also said that she does not want to work with Angelu for now because she has been telling the latter to stop commenting on her personal life, especially when she is not asked.

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On the other hand, Claudine stressed that she hoped she and Angelu would have the chance to talk again because she was not angry with her at all. It is just that she does not want to work with Angelu for now.

Claudine Barretto was also asked about Jolina Magdangal. She said that she knew that the edited statement of Jolina circulated and this created the issue. However, the Optimum Star also said that she and Jolina are okay.

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