Janella Salvador and Jane De Leon Film “How To Be A Good Wife”

Here are some details about the upcoming film of Janella Salvador and Jane De Leon.

Darna-Valentina duo Jane De Leon and Janella Salvador will be making a film soon called “How To Be A Good Wife”.

The chemistry of actresses Jane De Leon and Janella Salvador in the latest “Darna” installment was well-admired by a lot of people. Even their closeness behind close doors is also well-received to point that many of them think that they will be great for a GL series.

Will there be a GL series for them? Unfortunately, as of today, there’s still none but they will be having a movie called “How To Be A Good Wife”. This is not a GL series but it is something that the producer will be spending hefty based on a report.

This is directed by Director Jun Lana and this has already been plotted for 20 days in the schedule of the actress. The 20 days are for the shooting days for the film.

“It’s a very ambitious and expensive project. Kaya ang dialogue ni Janella, kung magagawa kaya ito?” says Manny Valera, Janella’s manager. This movie project is a collaboration between Regal and IdeaFirst Company.

As mentioned above, this is not a GL movie.

What’s accordingly been making Salvador excited about this is the offbeat character she is going to portray. It is how to become a good wife but with a mystery. Salvador and De Leon both have partners in this story.

“For the record, hindi siya GL o tomboyan, basta pareho silang may asawa. Para klaro, hindi siya GL,” Valera shared.

Meanwhile, Janella’s Reimagined concert has been postponed. A lot of factors contributed to this like the health emergency involving her son Jude and the other one is the other projects lined up for her. She’s still in the middle of promoting Mallari which is still shown abroad and her recent film Under Parallel Skies with Thai actor Win Metawin.

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