GSIS MPL Requirements & How To Apply for Multi-Purpose Loan

Guide on GSIS MPL Requirements & Application Process

GSIS MPL REQUIREMENTS – Here’s a guide on the requirements in applying for the Multi-Purpose Loan of the Government Service Insurance System.

Are you interested to apply for the Multi-Purpose Loan offer of the Government Service Insurance System? Also called the GSIS MPL, you can consolidated your multiple loans to the state-run social insurance agency under the offer.

By consolidating your loans, certain surcharges may be waived and you will only have to deal with a single loan to settle afterwards. You may borrow up to 14x of you basic monthly salary.

Under the loan offer, there are only a few documents that you need to prepare for the application process. Here are the GSIS MPL requirements for the application:

  • duly-completed and signed GSIS MPL Application Form
  • photocopy of the eCard or UMID eCard

If you already have the GSIS MPL requirements, you can proceed with the application process. There are several ways on how you can apply for the multi-purpose loan offer:

  • Login to your eGSISMO account (BP number and PW)
  • Tap/Click Loans Application icon and choose (Multi-purpose Loan), Loan Type (New or Renewal).
  • Upload a Picture of Member holding UMID / Temporary CARD or 2 Valid Government IDs if UMID / Temporary CARD is lost (as JPEG or PDF File)
  • Confirm Loan Agreement and click SAVE
  • Await email confirmation from GSIS for tentative loan computation
  • Prepare the following:
    • Fill out the Multipurpose Loan Application Form
    • Clear picture of the borrower holding his GSIS UMID eCard (or temporary eCard); if GSIS UMID eCard or temporary eCard is not available, present 2 valid IDs instead and do the following:
      • Take a clear photo of the 2 valid IDs (front and back) and;
      • Take a clear photo of the borrower holding the 2 valid ID cards
      • Save the Application Form and photos as JPEG or PDF File
  • Send an email to your GSIS handling branch containing the above-mentioned documents
  • Await email confirmation from GSIS for tentative loan computation
  • Go to a GWAPS kiosk nearest you.
  • Put your eCard Plus/UMID in the G-W@PS kiosk card reader. You need to place your finger in the biometrics scanner. Once recognized, personal data will be displayed.
  • Pick Loan Windows icon and tap/click on Multipurpose Loan. The screen will display the tentative computation of your preferred loan. You may change the loan amount and/or payment term.
  • Confirm your loan by placing your selected finger on the biometrics scanner.
  • Await for email or SMS from GSIS regarding the approval of your loan.

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