Albie Casiño On Bashing After His Statement On Jaclyn Jose

Albie Casiño is “dedma” of the negative comments about him

Actor Albie Casiño has this reaction to the bashing he received after he shared his thoughts on the late actress Jaclyn Jose.

Albie had a history with Jaclyn’s daughter Andi Eigenmann. Andi and Albie were used to be loveteam partners. They did several projects together. When it was revealed that Andi was pregnant, Albie was pointed out to be the father of the baby.

However, it was eventually revealed that nothing happened between them and Albie was not the father of the baby instead it was Jake Ejercito. This controversy affected Albie’s career.

Albie Casiño
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After Jaclyn’s death, Albie had a statement admitting that he did not go to the wake. “I don’t think my presence would be welcome there so ba’t ako makikiramay, ‘di ba?” he said after saying that he was not affected by this.

This did not sit well with many netizens and he received bashing. Based on the article in Bandera, in a recent interview, Albie Casiño expressed that bashing does not bother him. He stressed that he does not what other people will say as he was just being truthful about what he thinks and feels.

“I don’t care about how people react, ‘di ba? But, like, that was just an honest question. I just answered it honestly,” he said.

He also pointed out that people die everyday and it is sad when it happens but he is not affected by this. “Why would I care about what somebody has to say on the internet? If I want your opinion, I’ll ask for it,” he added.

Andi Eigenmann & Jaclyn Jose
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Meanwhile, during the same interview, Albi shared his most unforgettable scene in the series Can’t Buy Me Love.

Yung mausoleum scene, ‘yung kakaere lang. Yung inamin ni Charleston Tiu (role niya) na nandoon siya nu’ng namatay ‘yung… (nanay ni Caroline played by Belle Mariano),” he shared. Albie chose this as his most unforgettable scene because they shot this for a long time.

They started shooting the scene at nine in the morning and they finished it around six in the evening. It was also so hot that day. However, Albie Casiño said that all the hardships for that scene were worth it because it the result was great.

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