Controversial Video of Woman Being Paraded Inside Procession Carriage Earns Criticisms

Woman Being Paraded Inside Procession Carriage Elicits Reactions Online

A controversial video of a woman being paraded inside a carriage resembling a procession elicits reactions from netizens.

The Holy Week procession refers to a series of religious events and ceremonies that take place during the week leading up to Easter Sunday in the Christian calendar. It commemorates the final days of Jesus Christ’s life, including his crucifixion and resurrection.

It is one of the important religious activities in different regions all around the world including the Philippines. Most Filipinos were observing the Lenten season with solemnity.


Recently, the Facebook page “Radyo Bandera MyFm Midsaya” shared a video of a woman being paraded inside a carriage. The video immediately spread like wildfire on social media and garnered criticisms online.

In the video, a female citizen is lying inside a hearse used for the procession of Jesus Christ. Her colleagues were pushing the carriage and parading it along the road resembling a procession.

The incident received criticism from the online community considering the possibility that it occurred during Holy Week, a sacred time for many Christians. Due to this, some have called for an explanation from the uploader of the video.

However, no details were provided regarding when and where the parade took place.

“Dahil dito nananawagan ang ilan sa agarang paliwanag mula sa uploader ng video bagama’t walang detalyeng nabanggit kung kailan at saan isinagawa ang naturang pagparada,” the caption reads.

The video was uploaded on Black Saturday (March 30, 2024). As of this writing, the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has yet to state the video.

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The carriage is traditionally used to carry the image of Jesus Christ during Holy Week processions, to remind the devotees of the Lord’s sacrifice. The disrespectful use of such a sacred object has understandably sparked outrage and calls for accountability.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the incident:


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  1. Matakot kayo,Gusto ba ninyong maulit muli ang nangyari sa Brazil Ng ginawa nilang katatawanan si Jesus sa isang parade ? Look it up sa google. Buhay ang Diyos. Walang makaliligtas sa kanyang wrath lalong ganyan ang ginagawa….


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