Rayver Cruz Past Relationship w/ Sarah Geronimo Recalled Due To His Viral Video

Rayver Cruz became a trending topic on social media due to this

Kapuso actor Rayver Cruz received bashing because of his gesture during a live streaming with his current girlfriend Julie Anne San Jose and netizens recalled his past relationship with Sarah Geronimo.

Rayver topped the trend list on X, formerly known as Twitter on March 16 after netizens criticized him for his supposed inappropriate behavior. It can be seen in clips that circulated that the actor was apparently trying to be “goofy” or funny during the live-streaming.

Some netizens accused him of being under the influence of an alcoholic beverage and prohibited substance while some directly said that they did not like how he acted and interacted with his girlfriend.

rayver cruz julie anne san jose
📷: Rayver’s IG

The couple immediately spoke about the viral video. Following the criticisms, Julie Anne San Jose defended her boyfriend and told the public to stop commenting below-the-belt remarks against Rayver Cruz.

The actor also apologized for how he acted during the live streaming but he stressed that he was just being himself. Social media personality “supernegatrona AKA pink 5” shared the viral video clips and the caption was about Rayver’s past relationship with Sarah.


The social media personality that Mommy Divine Geronimo, the mother of the Popstar Royalty, did the right thing when she did her best to separate her daughter from the actor. “Now y’all know why Mommy Divine was hell bent in getting Sarah G away from this guy. Totoo talaga na — mother knows best,” the social media personality stated in the post.

rayver cruz julie anne san jose

Sarah’s mom is known for being a strict parent and issues would surface about how the celebrity would be treated like that.

In the comment section of this post, many netizens also agreed with what the social media personality said. A netizen even commented that Julie Anne should get away from Rayver as early as now while some criticized the actor and commented on his attitude. Here are some comments.

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