Rayver Cruz “May Amats”? Viral Videos Stir Controversies

These videos of Rayver Cruz who looks like he was not himself go viral.

Kapuso actor-host Rayver Cruz left an online platform baffled after some clips of him behaving in an unusual way surfaced.

GMA stars Rayver Cruz and Julie Anne San Jose has that from best friends to lovers kind of a love story. Speaking about marriage, the actor could not disclose details to caught the actress off guard in a surprise. It will happen at the right time.

Rayver spoke about marrying Julie before but in a recent interview, he pointed out that marriage is something that has already been crossing their minds once in a while. As a traditional guy, he wants a church wedding but he is not yet looking that far ahead.

The actor has always been giving the nice guy kind of vibe to the people, however, something odd happened. On X (formerly Twitter), some clips of him and his girlfriend surfaced online but what bothered the people were his unusual and strange behaviors beside his girlfriend.

He was making funny faces that seemed to distract the actress. The actor was also doing some odd gestures that, according to the views, made the actress annoyed. She was giving him the “looks” but the actor appeared unbothered by it at all.

Many people online found his actions strange that some even called him “high”, “sabog”, and among others.

See the post:

Rayver Cruz
Photo grabbed on X

Here are some comments from the post:

may nasesense akong bagong breakup hahaha

Sabog na sabog nga. Naawa ako kay JA, parang pati ung quality of work nya, nawawala.

Ang isip bata ni Rayver kaya tuloy di makapag focus si Julie sa work…

Hindi ba puwedeng super hyper lang talaga niya that moment?

Siguro kung ako yung babae baka nilayasan ko ‘to.

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Rayver Cruz
Rayver Cruz

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