Pinoy Cruise Ship Worker Arrested for Installing Hidden Cams in Bathrooms

Pinoy Cruise Ship Worker Apprehended in Florida for Setting Up Hidden Cameras at Comfort Rooms

A Pinoy cruise ship worker was arrested in Florida for allegedly setting up hidden cameras in bathrooms.

Installing hidden cameras in bathrooms is illegal and constitutes a serious criminal offense. Offenders can face charges such as invasion of privacy, and voyeurism Conviction of these crimes can result in huge fines, imprisonment, and a permanent criminal record.

This inappropriate act can cause emotional distress, anxiety, and trauma to those who are unknowingly recorded. Victims may experience feelings of violation, embarrassment, and loss of trust.

Pinoy Cruise Ship Worker

It can lead to feelings of vulnerability, betrayal, and fear of being watched or targeted. Victims may also experience long-term psychological trauma, affecting their sense of security and well-being.

Recently, a Pinoy cruise ship worker was apprehended for installing hidden cameras in bathrooms. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office reports that the 34-year-old Filipino, a stateroom attendant on the Symphony of the Seas cruise liner, admitted placing hidden cameras in bathrooms.

A minor passenger reported to security that they had discovered a hidden camera beneath their bathroom sink. The employee was then observed by security entering passengers’ rooms. When the ship docked again in Florida, they apprehended him and held him in a secured compartment until the police could pick him up.

Upon confiscating his electronic gadgets, investigators discovered videos of passengers—including minors in their undies. The employee acknowledged placing hidden cameras inside the passenger’s cabin.

In December 2023, he began recording passengers changing clothes by hiding under their mattresses, a confession he made. He claimed he was unable to restrain himself at the time.

In another post, a resort caretaker arrested for peeping at minor taking bath

The employee is currently awaiting his court date at the Broward County Jail.

Pinoy Cruise Ship Worker

Six counts of manufacturing and possessing video involving minors, as well as video voyeurism, are brought against him.

There have been calls for stricter security measures and employee screening procedures as a result of the event, which raised concerns about passenger safety and privacy aboard cruise ships.

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Pinoy Cruise Ship Worker

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