Jake Ejercito Daughter Ellie Has This To Say About Philmar Alipayo

Ellie is the daughter of Jake Ejercito with Andi Eigenmann and here’s what she told him about her stepfather Philmar Alipayo. As much as we all know, Ellie stays in Siargao with her mother most of the time. As for his father, she can get to be with him anytime and he can visit her anytime in Siargao.

Jake Ejercito On Philmar Alipayo As Ellie’s Stepfather

This is what Jake Ejercito revealed about Philmar Alipayo.

Kapamilya actress Jake Ejercito has this revelation about Philmar Alipayo as a stepfather according to his daughter Ellie.

Ellie is the daughter of Jake Ejercito and Andi Eigenmann. She is mostly with Andi in Siargao and sometimes, spends time with his father in Manila or travel to other countries. Many people admire the relationship Ejercito has with his daughter.

Their start is quite a rough one but all is well now with the co-parenting arrangement between Andi and Jake.

Ellie has two step-siblings, Koa and Lilo. Surfing champ Philmar Alipayo, Andi’s current partner is her stepfather. According to Jake, his daughter has been telling him how she is treated by her stepfather.

Based on an interview with Ogie Diaz, Jake shared that he met Philmar for several times already whenever he goes to Siargao. As per his description, he is kind and courteous. He is actually thankful for him as he knows that Ellie is well-taken care of under their care.

He also did not hear anything bad from Ellie about them and that makes him feel relieved to know that his daughter is living with a good stepfather.

“I’m sure inaalagaan niya rin si Ellie. Wala namang reklamo si Ellie sa akin about him. So, very grateful ako na ganu’n. Hindi ko siya iniisip or pino-problema,” he said. He is sure that Ellie is in good hands with them and this is what he is thankful for based on the video.

Meanwhile, Ejercito is the newest addition in the series “Can’t Buy Me Love”. He and actor Albie Casino are going to be a part of this project. As much as we all know, Ejercito and Casino quite had a messy past because of Andi.

Andi first pointed out Casino as the father of her daughter Ellie but it turned out that Ellie’s biological father is Ejercito. It was quite a controversial and complicated past between the three of them.

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