GSIS Employees Compensation Provides More Benefits for Locally-Employed Members

Guide on GSIS Employees Compensation Benefit Offer Features

GSIS EMPLOYEES COMPENSATION – Here are some details about the Employees Compensation benefits for the employed Government Service Insurance System members.

A huge part of the member populace of the Government Service Insurance System, more popularly called GSIS, is composed of individuals who are in active service to the government. A GSIS membership is mandated among the employees of the government and the public sector.

On the other side of regularly posting monthly contributions lies the many benefit and loan offers for the GSIS members. These includes the Unemployment, Separation, Retirement, Disability, Survivorship and Funeral benefits.

Aside from the aforementioned benefit offers, the members of the GSIS who are in active are entitled to the GSIS Employees Compensation. It is a “purely employer-based contribution benefit” that provides the following benefits given the cause is work-related:

  • Medical services, appliances and supplies;
  • Rehabilitation services;
  • Temporary total disability benefit;
  • Permanent total disability benefit;
  • Permanent partial disability benefit;
  • Death benefit; and
  • Funeral Benefit

With regards to the Death and Funeral benefits, they may be granted to the beneficiaries of the deceased GSIS member. The state-run social insurance giant observes the following order in the granting of the benefit:

  • Primary Beneficiaries
    • Legitimate spouse until he or she remarries
    • Dependent children (legitimate, legitimated or adopted, and illegitimate)
      • Below 18 years old, unmarried, not gainfully employed; or
      • More than 18 years old but incapacitated and incapable of self-support due to mental or physical defect acquired prior to age of majority.
  • Secondary Beneficiaries
    • Dependent parents
    • Legitimate descendants

Under the GSIS Employees Compensation benefits, the state entity made it clear that drunkennes and not work-related incidents disqualify a member from the grant. The claim must be filed within three (3) years from the date of the incident.

The Employees Compensation benefit may range between Php 10,000 to Php 30,000. It depends on a case-to-case basis. With regards to the requirements in filing for claim, the lists vary depending on the case as well. The following documents may be prepared:

  • Updated service record
  • Statement of duties and responsibilities
  • proofs of Surviving Legal Heirs and Guardianship
  • Police investigation report, employer’s report of injury, death/casualty (for civilian employees) spot report, investigation report and or report of proceedings before Line of Duty Board (for AFP members)
  • Mission or Travel Order, when applicable
  • Hospital record of confinement
  • Official receipts in payment of hospital bills, professional fees and medicines purchased from a drugstore
  • Death certificate issued by the Local Civil Registrar or National Statistics Office (NSO), and
  • Declaration of presumptive death by competent authority

In the case of employee’s death, the following documentary requirements must be submitted to GSIS to file for a claim:

  • Death Certificate
  • Birth Certificate of the deceased worker if single
  • Birth Certificate of children below 21 years old
  • Marriage Contract
  • Death certificate of deceased employee
  • Death certificate of a parent, if any
  • Marriage contract of parents
  • Birth certificate of deceased employee
  • Affidavit by parents of the deceased that the latter died single
    leaving no child/ren and that they/he/she are/is wholly dependent
    upon deceased for support
GSIS Insurance Benefits under LEP
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