4th Impact Aims “Dream Land” For 200 Dogs, Netizens React

P-pop girl group 4th Impact set fund-raising for their dogs.

The 4-member girl group 4th Impact is currently receiving backlash after administering a fund-raising for their 200 dogs.

All four members of the girl group 4th Impact are biological sisters. By birth order, these are Almira, Irene, Mylene, and Celina Cercado. They were originally from Santiago City, Isabela but went to Manila to pursue their singing career as a group. All four of them love dogs.

From five shih tzus, they now have 200 of them. Their love for their four-legged companions furthered which also furthered their numbers.

Recently, in GoFundMe, they organized a fundraiser for their 200 dogs. According to them, their neighbors complained about the noise they were making which led them to “make the heart-breaking decision to temporarily separate some of our dogs, particularly the males, from our home”.

This pained them as the dogs are their family and as part of their family, their well-being is their priority which led to this fund-raising. The intention behind this fund-raising with the goal to initially collect $100,000 is for their dream land for their dogs.

As of this posting, from $100,000, they are now down to $10,000 in their goal and they already have collected $825 or Php 46,222.69 based on USD to PHP Exchange Rate Today.

However, despite their good intentions, some people expressed objecting comments. On Instagram, Doc Gab – Veterinarian called this out and told his followers not to support this. The situation of the dogs is accordingly saddening.

“Backyard breeding” and “inbreeding”, which happened to them, are illegal activities. With the numerous problems related to animal/stray population and animal welfare abuses, the least pet owners can do it to be responsible.

“Sa laki ng problema natin sa animal/stray population at animal welfare abuses, ‘wag na sana tayong dumagdag pa. Ipakapon ang mga alaga kung hindi kayang kontrolin ang kanilang pagdami. Hindi na ito pagmamahal kung sarili lamang natin ang ating iisipin at hindi ang kanilang pangmatagalan na kapakanan,” says Doc Gab.

See the post:

Here are the comments from the post:

This group is asking for $100K when they also just watched the Eras tour. 😵‍💫 While local shelters can do wonders with that sum already!

They deleted their social media post but the gofundme is still there. The audacity 🙈

You tell them Doc Gab! Thank you for speaking out. Hopefully more people pick up on this issue and report their irresponsible behavior

We’ve reported this account and their gofund me!!! 

Stalked their account and they can do tours naman pala sa US. Tapos the nerve pa to ask donations for their dream land. Ay, umay. 🤦🏽‍♀️

They have the nerve to say “only furparents will understand”. As a furparent, I don’t really understand them.

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