Desperate Man Arrested for Stealing Rooster

Authorities Arrest Desperate Man for Stealing Fighting Cock

A desperate man was arrested by the police authorities for stealing a fighting cock from a household in Sipalay City.

Stealing, also known as theft, is the act of taking someone else’s property without permission and permanently depriving the owner of that property. It is considered a crime in most legal systems around the world and can result in serious consequences for the suspect.

Stealing can take many forms, including shoplifting from stores, pickpocketing in public places, burglary by breaking into homes or buildings to steal valuables, and robbery involving the use of force or threats to take property from another person.

Desperate Man

The motive behind stealing can vary and may be influenced by factors such as financial need, desperation, thrill-seeking behavior, or psychological issues. However, regardless of the motive, stealing is illegal and unethical.

Recently, the police authorities arrested a desperate man who stole a fighting cock from a residence. The post circulates online and elicited reactions from the internet users.

According to the statement of the owner’s mother, they were surprised when they discovered that their fighting cock was missing at around 8:30 on Thursday evening (March 1, 2024). The incident took place in Purok Cancayao, Brgy. Nabulao, Sipalay City.

Several family members then roamed around, and they noticed a person acting suspiciously near the welcome area leading to Hinoba-an town. They noticed the man was holding a bag. Upon closer inspection, they found the stolen rooster inside the bag.

The barangay watchmen and authorities were immediately informed and responded promptly to the situation. The suspect is believed to be an outsider as he is not familiar with the locals in the area.

Desperate Man

The incident reminds the public to remain vigilant and cooperative within the community to prevent theft and address criminal activities.

In another incident, a housemaid who has only worked for 2 days arrested for theft

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