Male Customer Refuses to Let Go of Fast-Food Crew Handling Unlimited Rice

Male Customer Refuses to Release Fast-Food Crew Handling Unlimited Rice

A male customer who refuses to release a fast-food crew handling unlimited rice at a fast-food chain goes viral online.

Unlimited rice refers to a dining option commonly offered by restaurants, particularly in some Asian countries, where customers can request and consume as much rice as they want with their meal for a fixed price.

Restaurants that offer unlimited rice typically have servers or waiters who continuously refill customers’ rice bowls or plates upon request until they are satisfied or finish their meal. This service allows diners to enjoy their favorite rice dishes without worrying about running out of rice during their meal.

Male Customer

Recently, the Facebook page “Ryan Mang Channel” shared a video of a customer clinging to the waiter handling unlimited rice at a fast-food chain. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the video, the male customer can be seen enjoying his meal while holding the waiter’s hand. The waiter is carrying a container filled with rice, which he serves to customers who order unlimited rice.

As the man finishes the rice on his plate, he asks for more, and the waiter quickly adds more rice while still holding the man’s hand. This act catches the attention of other customers, who begin to notice the interaction.

Male Customer

With each request for additional rice, more people in the restaurant start to take notice. Eventually, after several servings of rice, the man finally lets go of the waiter’s hand, much to the amusement of those around him.

The group laughs at the situation, with the man’s companions joking about how many servings of rice he had requested. The incident took place at a branch of the popular fast-food chain “Mang Inasal”.

The incident highlights the kindness and appreciation shown by the man towards the waiter, creating a heartwarming moment that resonated with many online.

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Here is the full post:

hanap ng hanap sila sa extra rice nahawakan na pala ni kuya hahaha.naka ilang rice kaya siya?”

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