Embalmer Mauled by Fellow Employee for Retouching Deceased’s Makeup

Embalmer Files Complaint vs Fellow Employee After Beaten for Touching Up Deceased’s Makeup

An embalmer filed a complaint against his fellow employee who allegedly beats him for retouching a deceased’s make up.

An embalmer is a professional who specializes in the preservation and preparation of deceased human bodies for funeral services and burial. They are trained in embalming techniques, which involve the disinfection, preservation, and restoration of the deceased’s body to create a lifelike appearance for viewing during funeral services.

Embalmers work closely with funeral directors and families to ensure that the deceased is treated with dignity and respect according to cultural and religious customs.


These employees sanitize and prepare the body for embalming procedures. This includes washing the body, closing wounds, setting features, and positioning limbs to achieve a natural appearance.

Embalmers may apply cosmetics to the deceased’s face and hands to enhance their appearance and achieve a natural look for viewing by family and friends. After the cosmetic application, they will dress the deceased in clothing provided by the family and place it in the casket.

Recently, Aileen Pacheco, a 50-year-old mother is planning to file a complaint after her son was mauled by his co-worker. According to Aileen, a resident of Barangay Taculing in Bacolod City, she wanted the person who beats her son to learn a lesson.


Jonjon Pacheco, 30 years old and single, works as a part-time embalmer. Sometimes, he works at a funeral home in Barangay Taloc, Bago City, Negros Occidental.

According to Aileen, it’s possible that the suspect was her son’s fellow embalmer. She claims that one embalmer got angry because Jonjon retouched the makeup of the deceased, even though it was requested by the deceased’s family.

Aileen alleges that they were not helped by the funeral home owner, not even with Jonjon’s hospital bills, which their family is struggling to pay.

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