Annabelle Rama To Share A Story About “Taong Nagmamalinis”

This post of Annabelle Rama catches many attention online.

Who is she referring to? Annabelle Rama is furious in this post and says that she will soon share the story that made her feel this way.

Annabelle Rama is the outspoken talent manager and mother of actor Richard Gutierrez. She is known to be a feisty and vocal woman in showbiz and this is most especially when it comes to her family.

Last December 2023, Annabelle revealed the Richard-Sarah split amid the talks about it. The couple did not confirm anything but their actions and social media gestures and posts indicate that what Rama revealed was true.

“Nakikita mo naman, hindi mo na kailangang magsalita pa. Nakikita mo na yan. Si Richard trabaho nang trabaho, ‘yung isa nagwawaldas ng pera. ‘Yun lang ang masasabi ko diyan,” she said which became an online sensation.

She kept quiet since then following the advice of the lawyers.

Now, being the feisty and outspoken woman that she always is, she shared something just recently on her Facebook account. In her post, she aired her fury over someone’s pretentious deed.

She expressed how much she wanted to hurt this person who would always come clean or refusing to hold responsibility for or involvement with something. Rama wrote, “Napaka init ng ulo ko ngayon oras na ito. Gusto kung manampal at manabunot ng tao nag mamalinis akala mo kung sinong santa m—-c. Abangan nyo bukas ang kwento ko.”

She will accordingly share the story tomorrow and this simple sentence was already enough to hook many. In the comment section, some of her followers expressed their curiosity while some expressed that they seemingly could not wait to hear the story tomorrow. They want it now.

Apart from this, Rama did not further into saying anything. It appears that people would really have to wait for it. s

See the post below and some of the comments from the post:

Annabelle Rama
Photo grabbed on Facebook
Annabelle Rama
Photo grabbed on Facebook
Annabelle Rama
Photo grabbed on Facebook

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