SSS Disability Benefit — An Assistance for Members in Times of the Inevitable

SSS Disability Benefit Features & Requirements in Filing Claim

SSS DISABILITY BENEFIT – Here’s a guide on the Disability Benefit offer for the Social Security System members.

Undeniably, accidents are among the possibilities that happen to many people each day. There is always a risk thus it is best to have a safety net against circumstances that may leave you with disability.

In the case of the Social Security System members, there is the SSS Disability Benefit offer that the members can turn to when unfortunate incidents leaving them disabled happens. It covers both partial and total permanent disabilities such as the following:

  • one thumb
  • one index finger
  • one middle finger
  • one ring finger
  • one little finger
  • hearing of one ear
  • hearing of both ears
  • sight of one eye
  • one big toe
  • one hand
  • one arm
  • one foot
  • one leg
  • one ear
  • both ears
  1. complete loss of sight of both eyes;
  2. loss of two limbs at or above the ankle or wrists;
  3. permanent complete paralysis of two limbs;
  4. brain injury resulting to incurable imbecility or insanity; and
  5. such cases as determined and approved by the SSS

With regards to the amount that a member may get under the SSS Disability Benefit, it is either a Disability Pension or a Lump Sum. The former is given to members who have posted at least 36 monthly contributions prior to the semester of the disability.

In case the member has less than 10 credited years of service, he/she may get at least Php 1,000 per month as Disability Pension. For members with more than 20 CYS, at least Php 1,200 per month may be received while those who have posted 20 CYS and more may get at least Php 2,400 per month.

With regards to the SSS Disability Lump Sum for members whose monthly contribution was below 36 months, the amount is based on the highest amount yield from the following formula for partial permenant disabilities:

  • Monthly pension x 12 x Percentage of disability
  • Monthly disability pension x Number of SSS monthly contributions x Percentage of disability in relation to the whole body

In the case of total permanent disabilities, the highest amount yield from the following formula will be considered by the state-run social insurance agency:

  • Monthly pension x 12
  • Monthly disability pension x Number of SSS monthly contributions

Aside from the pension, the Social Security System also extends a supplemental allowance of Php 500.00 monthly to disabled members as well as an additional benefit of Php 1,150..

According to the state-run social insurance institution, aside from the Disability Benefit pension, a is also granted to the member. The entity also provides

What are the requirements you must submit to the SSS? Here are the documents required by the state-run social insurance agency in filing for the SSS Disability Benefit claim:

  • duly-accomplished SSS Disability Benefit Claim Application Form
  • SSS Medical Certificate Form accomplished by the attending physician
  • SSS Member’s/Claimant’s Photo and Signature Card
  • Certified True Copy of supporting medical documents
  • Visa Cash Card Enrolment Form / Savings account ATM card or passbook photocopy / validated initial bank deposit slip
SSS Maternity Benefit

In times of pregnancy, the Social Security System also wants to ensure that its female members have enough time to recover and take care of their babies. It designed the SSS Maternity Benefit offer in the pursuit of it.

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