2 Women Arrested in Palit-Pera Modus

2 Women in Imus, Cavite Arrested Over Involvement in Palit-Pera Modus

PALIT-PERA MODUS – Two women was arrested in Imus, Cavite for attempting the execute their deceitful scheme, swapping a P1,000 bill for P100.

For vendors, especially those in markets, there’s a new warning: be extra cautious, or you might fall victim to the “palit-pera” modus.

In a video footage, two women were seen purchasing soft drinks from a stall at the Imus public market. They paid and received their change, but shortly after, they returned the items, causing confusion.


Observing closely on the CCTV footage, it became noticeable that within seconds, one of the women distracted the vendor while secretly passing money to her companion, marking the beginning of the palit-pera scam.

“Bumili po siya ng softdrinks tapos nagbayad po siya ng P1,000, sinuklian ko siya ng P877 tapos binalik niya sakin kinancel niya ang binili niya tapos binalik niya sakin P777 na lang bale kinuha niya po yung P100,” the vendor, Mariella Topacio shared.

The plan involved hiding the P100 note, which would later be used to deceive the vendor. As soon as the vendor returned the P1,000 bill, the scammers quickly replaced it with the hidden P10 bill, claiming that the amount given to them fell short.


“Ang bilis po, binilang ko po yung pera then nagkulang po siya agad po akong tumakbo hinanap siya nagkita po kami diyan sa kanto kinuha kop o yung P1, 000 kasi naghahati na sila,” Topacio added.

Seeking help from the local community watch stationed at the market, the female vendor took action to prevent further deception, as she would have been responsible for the loss had the scam succeeded.

The two suspects, apprehended at a gambling den, are now detained at the Imus component city police station. They have refused to provide any statements. The suspects may face charges of swindling for their fraudulent actions.

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