Pregnant Dog Signs — A Guide for Furparents on the Symptoms To Check

PREGNANT DOG SIGNS – You can check here a guide for the furparents on the symptoms to monitor if you suspect that your dog is pregnant.

Are you in the midst of doubting that your dog may be on a journey of growing puppies inside her tummy? There are actually noticeable signs of pregnancy although the best way to confirm it is through an ultrasound.

Dog Pregnancy Signs — Here’s List of Noticeable Changes You Must Watch Out For

Guide on Dog Pregnancy Signs for Furparents

DOG PREGNANCY SIGNS – Here is a list of the noticeable changes you must watch out for to determine if your dog is pregnant.

A lot of people are dog owners. Dogs are loving and loyal creatures thus many people like them over many other animals. Countless households across the globe have at least one (1) dog that they treat as family.

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Treated as part of the family, dogs have their own share of the household budget for their diet, vitamins, regular veterinary check-up, grooming, and treats. Responsible furparents also see to it that they know the the list of foods that dogs can and cannot eat.

Aside from regularly having a fur companies, another exciting experience you may have in living with a dog is the excitement towards your dogs having puppies. However, it needs a lot of support for a successful pregnancy that may take between 58 to 70 days depending on the breed and the development.

Dog Pregnancy Signs
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There are dog pregnancy signs that you must watch out for. Here are the most noticeable changes in a pregnant dog:

A pregnant dog would want to eat more than its usual diet although there may be times when the dog feels nauseous and won’t feel like eating. Dogs also stop eating in the final hours of their pregnancy before they give birth to their puppies.

Also one of the dog pregnancy signs is the change in the energy of your furbaby. They can suddely lose energy due to stress that the pregnancy puts on their hormones. The lethargic mode may begin at the second week of the pregnancy.

Also one of the most noticeable dog pregnancy signs is the changes in the belly of your dog. It will grow and the weight of the dog will increase. The heavier he/she gets, the bigger the chances that there are lots of puppies.

There are dogs that develop a more intense attachment to their hoomans when they are pregnant. This may result to separation anxiety.

It is important to give your dogs the vitamins inteded for pregnant dogs not only for the benefit of the growing puppies but as well as the mother. It is also important to prepare a comfortable nesting place a week before the target delivery of the dog and to monitor its temperature and the symptoms of the nearing final hours of the pregnancy.

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