Zanjoe Marudo and Ria Atayde Relationship Timeline

Look back at how the relationship of Zanjoe Marudo and Ria Atayde started.

ZANJOE MARUDO AND RIA ATAYDE are now engaged and here’s a look back to their relationship and how it all started.

The newest celebrities to get engaged are Ria Atayde and Zanjoe Marudo. In an Instagram post, the actress expressed, “Forever sounds good”.

This came along with their photos and a photo of her hand wearing the beautiful wedding ring he gave her. But before this engagement, they were known as friends and here’s a look back to their relationship.


The rumors about the relationship of Ria and Zanjoe started. Art Atayde, the father of the actress, was asked about their real score but he clearly expressed in an interview that he does not intervene with things as personal as this in their children’s life.

Sylvia Sanchez also reacted and she expressed that it doesn’t matter who Ria loves as long as she is happy. To recall, it was also her who revealed first that Ria and Zanjoe were dating but at that time, they were not yet together officially as a couple.


January of 2023, Zanjoe confirmed his relationship with Ria. He expressed, “Yes, parang it’s out in the open now, so yes.”

During the same interview, he was asked about marriage and expressed that it was too early to say anything about matters like this in their relationship. Ria also spoke about Zanjoe as her boyfriend and said he makes her happy. Their relationship makes her feel valued as a woman.

I’m very happy right now. I’m in a relationship where I feel valued and where there’s so much mutual respect, mutual admiration,” she said.

June 2023

Ria declared Zanjoe is “the one”. Their relationship is happy and relaxed. In her perspective, she doesn’t go and commit into a relationship without thinking that the person is “the one”.

July 2023

The playboy reputation of Zanjoe also doesn’t Ria. She has known him well-enough to trust him and she trusts him because he is trust-worthy and sincere.

Ria’s brother, Arjo Atayde reacted to their relationship and he likes him for her. He accordingly makes her happy and he has not seen her sister that happy in a long time. Arjo said, “I’m so happy for her, I’m very happy for her, I’m very happy. I haven’t seen her happy for a long time.

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