Enrique Gil Mom After Watching ‘I Am Not Big Bird’: “I was in shock!”

The mom of Enrique Gil has this reaction to his new movie

Kapamilya actor Enrique Gil showcased a new side of him in the movie I Am Not Big Bird and this received a “shocked” reaction from his mom Bambi.

Enrique is known as one of the Kapamilya’s leading men and he has already done several romantic comedy series and drama movies. Following his hiatus for a couple of years, Enrique returned to showbiz still as a Kapamilya.

His comeback project is a sultry comedy movie which was far from the genre of his past projects.

enrigue gil
📷: Inquirer

When the movie was released in cinemas, many fans of the actor were surprised. They did not expect that Enrique Gil could pull off this kind of movie genre but definitely, he gave justice to the role.

When his fans were shocked, based on the article in Inquire, Enrique’s mother was more shocked. “I was in shock! I didn’t expect it to be, you know, that raunchy…But everybody seems to welcome it because it’s [like] the start of something different,” Bambi shared.

She recalled that before the movie screening started, friends apologized to her. The actor’s mom somehow already sensed that she would have a different reaction from how it was in her son’s previous movies.

enrique gil mom bambi
📷: Tatak Quenito FB

Then of course, after the film, my son himself stood up and said sorry,” she shared after watching the movie with R-13 jokes and pixelated private parts.

Meanwhile, Enrique Gil shared in a previous interview what he did during his showbiz hiatus. He shared that he became a “plantito.” The actor also took care of some animals. “I started you know getting into plants. Pati gusto ko lahat ng tropical plants. I really want to design the place as well,” the actor shared. Enrique also spent his time with his family while he was on break.

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