Andres Muhlach Shares Showbiz Tips From His Parents & Sister

Atasha Muhlach is supportive of Andres Muhlach

Newbie actor Andres Muhlach shared the showbiz tips he got from his parents Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez, and his twin sister Eat Bulaga host Atasha Muhlach.

Andres officially joined the entertainment industry after signing a contract with Viva Artist Agency. His twin sister took the step to enter showbiz before him. In a recent interview, based on the article in The Philippine Star, Andres shared that he is proud of his sister.

The newbie actor said that Atasha is flying high. He also shared that his sister gave him pointers when he guested on Eat Bulaga.

andres muhlach aga muhlach char
📷: The Philippine Star

Andres Muhlach said that as a sister and his best friend, Atasha Muhlach would always be there to guide him. He shared that during his Eat Bulaga guesting, his sister caught him mid-prayer because he was so nervous.

And she told me, ‘Hey Andres, you got this. No worry, you know.’ So I really appreciate her for being who she is and being a big help to me,” he shared.

Andres also wants to be known as Andres and not just as the twin brother of Atasha. He said that he and his sister have different identities, personalities, and skill sets even though they are twins. For his role as a brother to Atasha, he said that he will always protect her and he cares for her dearly.

Andres also shared that it has been his dream to be in the entertainment industry. If his sister was so vocal about this, he is the silent type.

andres muhlach

And I kept it to myself and eventually, in time, when I felt confident enough and comfortable, I had to talk with my parents and I really told them that this is really what I wanna do. And I wanna take this opportunity and not miss out,” she shared.

When it comes to the advice that his parents gave him, Andres Muhlach said that they always remind him to always be nice and humble.

“Another that they would always say is humility is deepest ability. So just trusting in the process and enjoying everything as well. And having fun in doing what you do you have to love it,” he shared.

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