Kim Chiu Gets Emotional While Talking About Moving On

The moment when Kim Chiu became emotional while talking about this subject.

Moving on is easier said than done and here’s the take of Kim Chiu about this matter while being emotional.

When we say moving on, it is not just about letting go of the person. Moving on is also leaving the past behind, acceptance when thing did not go how it used to be, moving forward, and embracing new days with brand new perspective. It takes a lot to do this certainly.

Recently, in an episode in It’s Showtime, Kapamilya actress-host touched the hearts of many when she broke down on live television while they were talking about moving on.

As much as we all know, she’s currently going through the pain of a breakup. Her relationship which lasted for over a decade with Xian Lim ended. Last December 2023, Kim confirmed her split with Xian and this news has broken a lot of hearts.

Apart from the end of a relationship, she also went through a lot of pains and losses in her life. Just like many of us, she’s also tested and just like many of us, she can handle the situations all too well.

In the episode, Vice Ganda spoke about how a certain memory can make everything about moving one harder. How a memory of a person and every single piece of reminder can bring back every pain all at once and suddenly, you’re back to square one again.

Responding to this, Kim, in a face holding back her tears, expressed that the part where people can find the essence of acceptance in situations like this is in knowing that everything is written and planned by God. It is in knowing that everything is destined to happen that makes acceptance and moving on easier.

Watch the video below:

Moving on hurts but what’s beautiful behind the pain from this is that you come out of the situation stronger and more complete. Above all, there are learnings that will give you peace, happiness, and contentment. There’s no point in holding onto the past that only gives you a heartbreak.

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  1. Idol your a brave kind of Lady…Your beautiful inside and out. Shame on Xian Lim …Hindi Naman sumikat yon kung di dahil sa yo…wrong and bad guy Siya sayo. May Plan SI God na good and handsome guy for you. alalahanin mo kaming mga fans na sumusuporta Sayo.


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