Gillian Vicencio Asked If She Expects an Apology From Kathryn, Daniel

Gillian Vicencio reiterated her stand in the KathNiel breakup

Star Magic talent Gillian Vicencio was asked if she expected an apology from Asia’s Superstar Kathryn Bernardo and Supreme Idol Daniel Padilla.

Gillian was dragged into the KathNiel breakup as she was accused of having a relationship with Daniel. Previously, she already stressed in a statement that they were all friends on the set of 2 Good 2 Be True.

The allegations against Gillian were hyped up when netizens noticed that Kathryn unfollowed her on Instagram. Her photos with Daniel also surfaced online.

gillian vicencio
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In a previous interview, Gillian Vicencio shared her reaction to being unfollowed by Kathryn Bernardo. She admitted that this surprised her because she did not expect that to happen.

Based on the article in Bandera, during a recent interview, Gillian was asked if she expected that Daniel and Kathryn would apologize to her for being dragged into this breakup issue.

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“Hindi ko po alam, eh. Sila `yon, eh. Ayoko na lang magnega pa. Basta ako magpo-focus na lang sa sarili ko. Sa mga ginagawa ko ngayon. Sa mga blessing na natatanggap ko,” the newbie actress said.

She added that she will just put her attention on her family and the people who love her and that she does not want to intervene in other people’s lives. Gillian also admitted that the controversy brought trauma to her.

The actress knows that the negative reactions can be stopped because there are people who say what they want to say. She said that she can’t control what other people will think and say. However, she said that she knows herself and she knows her truth.

On the other hand, Gillian Vicencio said that she does not mind having a project with Kathryn Bernardo or Daniel Padilla in the future. “Project kasi `yon, at kailangan ko ng pera! Ha-hahaha! Okay lang naman, wala naman kasi `yon!” she said.

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