Bacolod Residents Raise Concern Over Noisy Party Music at Bar

Bacolod Residents File Complaints Against Noisy Party Music at Bacolod Bar

NOISY PARTY MUSIC – Bacolod residents have raised concerns about the loud party music coming from a popular bar in the city.

Residents of Purok Barracuda, Barangay 1 in Bacolod City, have raised concerns about the loud party music from Lunar: Art, Cafe, and Bar, prompting them to file complaints with the local authorities.

According to the complainants, the noisy party music continues until as late as 4 a.m. causing disturbance to the neighborhood. Many residents have reported difficulty sleeping due to the relentless pounding of the beats.

Bacolod Residents

In December, several residents had already filed complaints about the noise and the bar’s management assured them that they would lower the volume of their sound system and reinforce their walls to minimize the noise.

However, on February 2, 2024 (Friday), residents were disturbed again by the loud party music coming from the same bar.

Barangay Captain Cesar Rellos Jr. emphasized the need for the bar to comply with City Ordinance No. 356, which mandates a reduction in sound levels to 55 decibels after 10:00 PM, in response to the complaints.

Failure to comply with this regulation may result in the bar not being issued a barangay clearance for the renewal of its business permit.

The ongoing noise issue has sparked frustration among residents, who are calling for stricter enforcement of noise regulations to ensure peace in their neighborhood.

It remains to be seen how the bar management will address the concerns raised by the community and whether they will take appropriate measures to reduce the noise disturbance.

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